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Who are we?

PT. TAMA (Tambak Agung Metok Arjasa) is a company that operates in the field of fisheries and produces marine products, especially barramundi (Lates Calcarifer) by cultivation in the pond

PT. TAMA is a family company established in 1985. The company is located in Situbondo, East Java, Indonesia

The barramundi fish produced is mostly exported to Australia, America, Japan and partly for the needs of local markets both for hospitality, restaurants, supermarkets and others. Experienced for more than 30 years in the fishing industry, we are ready to supply white snapper in live and fresh conditions, ranging from consumption size up to 4Kg

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Vision Mision We are a company that is committed to always produce high quality fish and always maintain the sustainability of the marine ecosystem, as well as always maintain the trust of customers, partners, and the environment.

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Flashback Starting from the increasing demand for seafood that can disrupt natural biota, then we began to be moved to create an artificial environment in the form of ponds for white snapper so that there is no need to catch from the sea directly.

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Products The fish produced is purely the result of pond cultivation. White snapper fish products in the form of whole fish either live or dead that are still fresh with various types of reading sizes


Why Us ?

Direct From The Source

Our company is a first -hand manufacturer, so the price, quality, time and energy expended are more efficient

High Quality

The fish produced is confirmed healthy and harvested on the same day of delivery


The company has more than 30 years of experience in the field

Supporting the empowering of Local Communities

Empowering local communities as the company's human resources and prioritizing the welfare of local communities

Environmentally Friendly

The materials and techniques we use in cultivation use organic materials and do not pollute the environment

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